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Gay Male Images in Popular Music of the Rock Era

Wayne Studer
$15.95 paperback (0-943595-46-0), 288 pp.

What #1 hit by Elvis Presley contained a blatant suggestion of male-male sex--way back in 1957? Which Beatles songs allude to homosexuality? Can you name two Top 20 hits about drag queens? What smash from 1974 has been called "the greatest gay love song ever written?" Which popular rock songs are tainted by homophobia? Which country songs refer to gay people? And who are some of the openly gay performers who've succeeded in the world of rock music?
The answers to these and countless other fascinating questions can be found in Rock on the Wild Side, an entertaining and informative look at more than 200 songs of the "Rock Era" that describe gay men or express various attitude about gayness. Your record, tape or CD collection may never sound quite the same again. Illustrated with more than two dozen photos of such stars/groups as Boy George, David Bowie, Elton John, Kinks, Kitchens of Distinction, Johnny Mathis, Queen, Lou Reed, Tom Robinson, Romanovsky & Phillips, Rupaul, Village People, Tom Wilson Weinberg, Flirtations, Pet Shop Boys...

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HIGH CAMP: A Gay Guide to Camp and Cult Films
Volumes 1 and 2

Paul Roen
$15.95 paperback (0-943595-42-8), 256 pp [Vol. 1]
$25.00 hardcover (0-943595-45-2) [Vol. 1]
$14.95 paperback (0-943595-54-1), 192 pp. [Vol. 2]
These two books are complete guides to camp/cult films of gay interest from the classic period to the present day. Each is illustrated with 30+ photos of the stars: Steve Reeves, Carmen Miranda, Bette Davis, Tab Hunter, Rock Hudson, Judy Garland, Mae West, Sabu, Troy Donahue, Joan Crawford, Divine ... many more.
Critics on volumes 1 and 2:

lavtri.gif"Paul Roen's High Camp spends little time defining camp but dishes it delightfully out ... And he can be very, very funny, the only infallible sign of a true camper. High Camp is the rare sort of 'guide' that's a pleasure to read cover to cover." --Lambda Book Report
lavtri.gif"Lively writing ... superbly illustrated." --Bay Area Reporter
lavtri.gif"The expected icons--Davis, Crawford, Swanson, Dietrich, Garland and Tennessee Williams--are particularly well-represented. But with around 150 films represented, there's something to surprise or startle everyone."
--Gay Times (London)

lavtri.gif"I loved it. This handy guide to cinematic perversity features lengthy descriptions of camp classics and kitsch-to-be as seen through Roen's distinctive gaze. The result is both informative and entertaining as hell." --Shock Cinema

The inclusion of Any musicians or film stars in the three books listed above is not meant to imply that
any of the people listed are homosexual. Their personal lives may be researched in books published about them.

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